Step 1 | Order

Ordering the Silent Disco Box is only possible through our website, and by navigating to your country of use. At the tab "Order" you will find a digital form which must be filled out.

After ordering you will receive a pro-forma invoice showing the total amount to be paid including a possible deposit. When the invoice is paid (trough bank transfer) we consider the hire of the Silent Disco Box confirmed. The invoice also shows information regarding delivery and pick up dates.

The transport service used by Silent Disco Box will deliver and pick up your box between 08:00h and 18:00h.

Unfortunately we cannot give a more precise timeframe, therefore it is wise to select a delivery address someone is present within this timeframe to receive.

Step 2 | Unpacking

At this time you have received the Silent Disco Box and you will notice the box is sealed for secure transportation.

Using scissors or a wire-cutter the seal can be broken which gives access to the box. We kindly ask to remove the shipping label from the box making it blank for placing the pickup shipping label, which the shipping agent brings.

In the box you will find a copy of the delivery note, which can be used to check the contents of the box. We recommend to check the contents and in case of missings and/or defects report this within 24 hours of receiving the box. After this period warranty expires.

Step 3 | Connecting

Within the Silent Disco Box you will find the "BOS SR800" transmitter, a gray device with an antenna, which wirelessly sends  the audio signal to the headphones.
Place the transmitter near the sound source (such as: CD player, MP3 player, FM radio, DVD player, laptop, etc.).


Use the power convertor in the Silent Disco Box to provide the wireless transmitter of power. Simply connect it to the DC 12V jack of the transmitter (1) and a standard 230V power socket.

Four different convertor cables can be found in the box, which allow connection of the most common used sound connections (XLR / RCA / Jack 6.3mm / 3.5mm jack). To connect audio to the transmitter please use the stereo audio input (2).

For example; to connect an MP3 player or audio output from a laptop you use the adapter cable with 3.5mm stereo jack connector.

Switch the transmitter to the desired channel using the channel selection switch (3). When two transmitters are used, both must be switched to separate channels for clear transmission.

Step 4 | Use

In the Silent Disco Box you will also find the "BOS HD820" wireless headphones. These headphones receive the wireless signal send by the transmitter and amplify the sound trough the ear cups. Below you will find a representation of the controls of the headphone.


Turn the headset on using the on/off button (1). The LED indicator will light up green to indicate the headset is turned on and the batteries are full. When the batteries run out the LED indicator will light up red. In the Silent Disco Box you will find enough new AAA batteries to provide the headphones with power. When the headset is turned on you can use the channel selection switch (2) to put the headphones on the same channel as the transmitter (also see step 3). Use the volume control (3) to set the desired volume.

Step 5 | Returns

To ensure the Silent Disco Box is returned in a proper way we kindly ask you to pack all items in the box and seal it with the included seal. The shipping agent will pick up the box on the agreed date between 08:00h and 18:00h at the specified address. Upon return the contents of the box will be checked and the deposit will be refunded if everything is order!

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