Lisanne Middag

Last weekend we rented the silentdiscobox with you. It is very good like!

Lisanne Middag

43rd Asopos Autumn Contests

Asopos autumn is a contest started by rowers from all over the Netherlands. To the people who came from far away, but early in the race were to entertain a little this year there was a real Silent Disco. A large portion of the tent was dropped for the disco and there were no effort was spared to make it look like a real disco: Flashing light with many effects and even a zebra and a cow as DJs. Although it was very cool inside, of course, the last sunshine of the year called people out anyway. It did not take long before then there were people partying with the mobile headphones or lazing enjoy a quiet tune. Been on a patch of grass outside in the sun As a result, the atmosphere was even better. All in all, the Silent Disco was an absolute addition to our contest!

Lianda Deurloo

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