Welcome to Silentdiscobox.BE

Here it is possible to rent your silent disco sets up from € 200,- , including VAT and transportation in the whole of Belgium. The equipment connects to almost every kind of audio source, such as a CD player, iPod or the DJ mixer in the club. Setting up the Silent Disco is very easy with the included instructions manual, even if you have poor technical skills.

Silent Disco Box makes "silent disco" possible at your home. The concept has been around for some time; people dancing with their wireless headset on, outsiders cannot hear the music but will see the silent disco users singing and clapping. A fun experience that fits perfectly in your events and parties, but also for practical use, when, for example, you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

It is also possible to transmit multiple sound sources (channels). You need a wireless transmitter for each channel. A switch on the headphone makes it possible to choose which channel you want to listen to.

Make sure your event is remembered by ordering your Silent Disco Box, the experience that will make your event unforgettable.

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